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Welcome Modus Workflow!

Railtown welcomes Modus Workflow — and its founders, Wallace Smith & Jenny Arntzen — into the Railtown Incubator program.

Railtown Incubator

The Railtown Incubator program helps entrepreneurs turn their opportunity into a successful startup.

Modus Workflow

Modus Workflow is focused on helping companies in the construction industry better manage their businesses & projects, as well as improve their profitability through better project management.

Wallace Smith brings with him more than more than a decade of experience in the construction industry, as CEO of Jatoba Contracting Inc; which he founded in 2006. Prior to founding Jatoba, he worked in the movie industry. Today Wallace is CEO of Modus Workflow.

Jenny Arntzen, PhD PMP brings with her 5 years in the construction industry. Jenny also has a PhD, where she focused on project management. Prior to her work as a project manager in the construction industry, Jenny was an Instructor at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Today Jenny is COO of Modus Workflow.

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