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Railtown is operated by a team of successful entrepreneurs who have decades of experience creating successful startup companies.
Charles Iliya Krempeaux

Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman

Charles Iliya Krempeaux has more than ¼ century professional experience — entrepreneur, ...

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Lauren Bates

Co-founder & CPO

As Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Railtown Ventures, Lauren specializes in product ...

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Massoud Seifi


Massoud Seifi, PhD, oversees an ongoing series of innovation initiatives that explore emerging...

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Sal Rahman

Technical Director

As Technical Director at Railtown, Sal is currently focused on building video chat and video...

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Shahram Kharazmi

Animation Director

Shahram Kharazmi is an animation director, producer, animator and concept artist. ...

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Drew Ogryzek

Executive Entrepreneur

Drew oversees an innovation initiative in the education space. Although Drew's years of...

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Reza Shoja

Senior Software Developer

Reza Shoja is a hardworking and passionate full-stack software developer with 8+ years of...

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Basit Ali

Senior Software Developer

Basit Ali has years of experience both as a software developer, and as an entrepreneur. ...

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Caden Chan

Software Developer

Caden focuses his software development skills on creating technology for Railtown's portfolio...

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Omar Farooq

Software Developer

Omar is currently working on creating technology for Railtown's portfolio companies & startups in...

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Soroush Eliasi

Concept Artist, Screenwriter

Soroush Eliasi is a concept artist, character designer, storyboard artist, & screenwriter. ...

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"Emily" Eun Joo Bong

IT Business Management Consultant

Emily provides guidance, advise, and support to the technical management of Railtown's portfolio...

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